Rescue boat
conceived for
extreme ice-free
open water conditions

Today, October 19th 2015, the UMA21 demo preview done for the Montreal water rescue team at Charron Island went very well and lasted about 90 minutes overall in the following weather conditions:

Weather: Lightly cold with 43F or 6C
Sky: Nice sunny sky with rare clouds, Radar here
Wind: 8 knots, 9 mp/h or 15 km/h, Beaufort: 3
Waves: 12 in or 30 cm, scattered whitecaps, Douglas: 2

They had numerous questions answered on the spot and they have greatly appreciated their 40 minutes trials on the Saint-Lawrence river in steering the UMA21 themselves to test it in charted territory.

Captain Jean-François Lachance was more than happy to see the legend Sylvain Ricard again who was in the company of 2 others firefighters specialised in nautical training : Yves Tousignant and Philippe Gauthier.

We had a great time and appreciated your feedback.
Thank you!

Video of the demo at Charron Island
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Photos of the demo at Charron Island

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